Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bookstore Scavenger Hunt

In the Mormon culture, married couples are encouraged to keep courting each other through weekly date night.  As you can imagine, having kids makes this really hard.  But we know how important it is, so we have made it a goal to start trying to do this again, like we did when we were first married.

We needed a free date idea and so I was doing some research online and came across a blogger who had made a bookstore scavenger hunt for her newly married friend and her spouse to do.  I thought it looked really fun and FREE!  So I looked at her template and I altered it a little to suit my husband and me. We dropped the kids off with some friends and were off to the bookstore!

The envelopes with our scavenger lists
We got to the bookstore, found a quiet secluded spot to be our meeting place, and opened our envelopes to find 3 lists.  We started with Set 1 and set out to find our Recipe, Quiz, and Memory.

When we met back up at our spot, this is what we had found...

This is what I would cook for my husband.  He LOVES Sriracha sauce (rooster sauce) and he smothers whatever Asian food I make for him with it.  When I make non-Asian food he smothers it in Tabasco, haha.  Anyways, this book even had a recipe for homemade Sriracha sauce!  It was SO him.

 I found a quiz in a teeny-bopper magazine that was called "Which Amusement Park Ride Are You Most Like?"  We both did it, and we went in totally different directions at one point, but we both ended up being a Water Ride!  I guess we are different, but similar... PERFECT.

My husband read me Ferdinand the Bull in Spanish!  He loved that book as a child, and he has since learned to speak Spanish quite well, so he picked it up in Spanish and he translated for me.  It was fun.

Then it was on to Set 2...

Neither of us really found any good joke books.  Most of them were really raunchy and vulgar.  But we both found a book about something we want to learn more about!

My husband is a certified Sous Chef, so he loves cooking and food.  He wants to learn how to hunt for mushrooms.  I studied Interior Design in college, but I would love to learn more about how to design exteriors, especially landscaping.

It was quite hard to find bizarre book covers, but we both agreed that the top left one was the most bizarre.  It was a book about being homosexual, but you would NEVER guess that from the cover.  Weird.

On to set 3...

This is what we found for date ideas in the future.  My husband picked up the coloring book and I about died laughing.

I didn't get a picture of our vacation books, but I picked up a travel guide for Greece and my husband just got excited about a book about Alaska because he knows how much I am dying to go there and he's already been there.  He can't say that about too many places, hehe.

The poetry section was fiercely lacking at the bookstore we went to.  We couldn't even find a copy of Shakespeare's sonnets.  LAME.

For the last section, this is what I came up with to represent my husband:

Neuroscience Haikus and The Marriage Artist

And this is what he chose to represent me:

He said that he was a zombie until he met me.  Aww.
We also found a book that we think represents us as a couple:

Add caption
It was a really fun date.  We got to know each other even better and it was good at starting conversation.  And FREE!  We passed the envelopes on to the friends who watched our kids and told them that they needed to do it next.

Here's my template:  (Cut the 3 sets apart and put in envelopes marked His and Hers)


  1. Yeah! I'm totally going to copy your date idea!! :) Thanks for sharing the template!

  2. What a great idea! Thank you for posting your templates, I think I'm going to try to plan something similar for my hubby and I now! Looks like a lot of fun!

  3. I am linking this blog post to mine! :)